remember that time my crush came to mybirthday and i woouldn’t stop talking about it for like weeks

and remember when he talked to my dad and our parents know each other and they’re going to arrange so we have dinner together

haha remember 

r e m e m b e r

Scarlett & Gunnar in every episode 2x07 “She’s Got You”

Nashville Season 2 Meme

5 Relationships

[3/5] Maddie + Daphne

2576) I just want to be able to wear shorts and not feel like crying. I want to wear pretty summer dresses without hating myself. I just want to be happy with my body, but I’m not.


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get to know me meme || 3/5 movies

 ↳ high school musical 

#merde #what the baguette #im so done


this will always be my favorite teen wolf post